All seating estimates are averages.  It varies between seating and table arrangements.

Give us a call and ask us about our prices!

Our 20×20 canopies seat about 40 people.

This is our 40×60, with globe lighting. This was a set-up at Goodwood plantations.


Above is our 40×80 with solid and windowed sidewalls.

The two side pictures is our 40×40 tent with solid sidewalls

Above is our 20×20 tent with globe lighting and our Disco ball!


To the left is our 20×40 with weights

To the right is a look at the 20×40 without lighting

Sizes of our tents are:

10×10 (seats approx. 20)

20×20(seats approx. 40-50)

20×40(seats approx. 80-100)

20×60(seats approx. 120-150)

40×40(seats approx. 160-190)

40×60(seat approx. 240-280

40×80(seats approx. 320-375)

40×100(seats approx. 400-475)